Plant disassembly/reassembly

As experts for plant relocations, we are aware of the complex challenge involved. In addition to professional preparation, including personal site visits, the most important point before dismantling the plant and its accessories is the identification and marking of all parts to ensure smooth re-assembly at destination. By using barcoding or similar technology, the allocation and assembly location of individual components, for example, can be traced at any time. Our employees are on the construction site and accompany the cargo in order to be prepared for any necessary changes in planning. One of the critical processes in the relocation of plants is the lifting and moving of voluminous or heavy plant components. Here, our experts carry out preliminary calculations such as reach, lifting force and surface inspection. For moving the dismantled equipment, the correct mode of transport is the key to success, so that all components reach the assembly site on time. By deploying an experienced team, we guarantee our customers a smooth and reliable transfer by land, sea and air. In this way, we ensure that the assembly teams can begin assembly without delay. We often set up temporary bonded warehouses at the construction site in order to guarantee a continuous supply of parts and an unhindered re-assembly process. The final test run of the re-assembled plant and a successful sign-off finally end our assignment.

Conceptum Logistics - Transport of a dismantled MDF Plant in the USA
Conceptum Logistics - Plant relocation in India


  • Feasibility Studies
  • Disassembly and Assembly
  • Engineering
  • Cranes
  • Site Surveys
  • Full and Part Charter
  • Consolidation
  • Storage
  • Customs Clearance
  • Conventional and Container
  • Structual works
  • Welding
Conceptum Logistics - Plant relocation in India