120 tons cargo by barge to Puerto Triunfo








Overall Volume: 284.617 CMB

Overall Weight: 287,45 TONS

Heaviest Item: GEAR BOX (120 TONs)

Biggest Item: GRINDING TABLE (5,7 MTS width)

After comprehensive feasibility studies, route surveys and pre-project meetings, we looked forward to a smooth execution of this great project – cement plant equipment from worldwide origins to Antioquia.

All cargo had to be moved by truck according to local Colombian regulations. However, just one month before the heaviest item arrived, Colombian authorities set a new restriction for truck transportation and the maximum weight per truck including load was restricted to 120 tons. As the weight of the expected cargo was up to 120 tons excluding the truck weight, Plan B had to be set into motion immediately – a multimodal operation with barge and truck transportation.

“Expert know-how in the execution of complex projects and remote destinations were the key to a successful performance.”

With this new transportation mix, several further points had to be considered and arranged: Cargo had to be moved to a Free Trade Zone and a DTA (Customs Transit Declaration) was required.

As per Colombian regulations, this allows a time frame of 15 days from origin to final destination. Therefore, several meetings with local authorities were made to find the best possible options.

Water level and sailing channel restrictions of the Magdalena River reduced the barge transportation opportunities during the rainy season. This meant that we had to wait before the operation could be kicked off.

Due to a lack of adequate terminal infrastructure at Puerto Triunfo, a temporary jetty for a smooth beach landing had to be built.

When the cargo arrived in Cartagena it was stored in a Free Trade Zone close to the port and according to plan. As soon as the water level of the river was suitable for barging, it was trucked to the port and loaded in a roll-on operation. After everything was then securely lashed and secured, and the barge started its journey to Puerto Triunfo.

Due to the challenging river conditions, Conceptum Logistics and our partners were the very first to move such heavy haul cargo to this area! The final steps before arrival were a successfully executed roll-off beach landing operation, temporary storage of the cargo and then truck transportation to the jobsite.

Of course, Conceptum Colombia’s project experts personally supervised the complete project from start to successful completion.