9,000 tons of steel construction material from China to Morocco




EMAIR, South Pac/Asia


China, Marokko


Overall Weight: 9.000 tons

Heaviest Item: 37,7 tons

Biggest Item: 12,80 x 5,90 x 4,20 m

Conceptum Logistics transported 9,000 freight tons of steel structures and a further 100 containers with equipment for the mining industry from China to Morocco.

The execution of the project was preceded by detailed route planning, site visits and face to face kick-off meetings with all parties involved in Morocco. On this basis, the corresponding method statement could be prepared, a suitable seagoing vessel chartered, and all transport carriers and aids organized.

The steel structures and containers were delivered by barge on the Yangtze River in Nantong, China. An expert from Conceptum Logistics China was on site and personally supervised the smooth loading and securing of the cargo on the specially chartered ocean-going vessel.

In Morocco, a colleague from Conceptum Logistics Hamburg was already waiting for the vessel to arrive in order to monitor the entire unloading process as well as the subsequent reloading on to trucks and the securing of the heavy cargoes.

Each piece weighed up to 37.70 tons and had dimensions of up to 12.80 x 5.90 x 4.20 meters. Trucks and various trailers transported them safely to their destinations in North Africa.