Breakwater Pontoons from Croatia to Canada




Americas, EMAIR


Canada, Croatia


Heaviest Item: 99.77 tons

It looks solid, it´s made of concrete, it’s heavy but it has to be handled with kid gloves.

Conceptum Logistics moved another shipment of breakwater pontoons – this time from Croatia to Canada. This special cargo requires very particular handling and loading as, although looking robust, it can crack if not handled correctly and according to instructions. The lifting angles needed to be precise, the tolerance for deviation was only 10 degrees and they were to be lifted with an eightpoint lifting scheme.

The units were lifted directly from water by ships gear onto the vessel’s deck. As the pontoons were stored on the water, the ballast tanks needed to be utilised, which increased the weight to be lifted. So the weight of the heaviest piece was raised from 99.70 tons to a final lifting weight of 130 tons.

With our expert cargo knowledge, all went well and the vessel including cargo arrived safe and sound at destination where everything was discharged directly into water and towed by tugs to its final destination for installation.