Dismantling and relocating an Oxygen Plant


Plant Relocation


South PAC/Asia




Heaviest Item: 140 tons

Biggest Item: 30 x 4 x 4 x 4 m

Conceptum Logistics India relocated a complete oxygen plant from Dolvi to Thane (Maharashtra), India.

The project consisted of dismantling, packing, stuffing and rigging, transportation in/on containers, trucks and trailers as well as unloading and stacking at destination. To protect the used and sensitive equipment, such as compressors, absorbers, coolers, transformers, a cold box, etc., specially selected and skilled teams for project management, administration, transportation, mechanical dismantling, electrical dismantling, packing and rigging were appointed. Conceptum India`s own transport engineer supervised the complete process.

The biggest piece handled was a 104 ton cold box measuring 30 x 4 x 4 metres. A 650 ton hydraulic crane was used for lifting and a 450 ton crane to tilt it horizontally by tandem operation.