Material Handling Equipment from Greece to the Neatherlands


Material Handling




Greece, Netherlands


Overall Weight: 3.200 cbm

Heaviest Item: 140 tons

Biggest Item: 3,1 x 9 x 5,92 m

With personal loading supervision and coordination by Conceptum Logistics Hamburg, a barge loader, shuttle and conveyor system were moved from Greece to the Netherlands. In bright sunshine, the entire cargo with pieces of up to 140 tons and dimensions of up to 3.1 x 9 x 5.92 meters was loaded onto a fully chartered vessel.

The heaviest piece arrived with a specially constructed lifting beam and was loaded from pier into the chartered vessel. The rest of the cargo was delivered by and loaded directly from truck into the vessel.

The entire loading process and load securing was supervised and coordinated by a project specialist from Conceptum’s headquarters, who was flown in for this purpose.

The chartered vessel set sail to a special terminal at the port of Rotterdam, which is specialized in loading operations of project cargo and where our Conceptum colleague was already waiting.

By special mobile cranes and in accordance with the unloading plan, the entire cargo was unloaded onto the pier. The oversized and heavy cargo parts were transported by barges to the final construction site, for direct assembly.

While the oversized cargo parts were transported to the laydown area by barges, the remaining packages were delivered by truck in accordance with the site’s requirements. A great project and a big “thank you” to all involved parties.