Transformers ex Finland to Kazakhstan






Finland, Kazakhstan


Overall Volume: 252 packages

Overall Weight: 382,5 tons

Heaviest Item: 97 tons

Biggest Item: 730 x 315 x 440 cms

With special loading equipment, road permits and escorts, two transformers including spare parts were picked up by truck in Vaasa, Finland.

Altogether more than 250 packages including two heavy lifts of each 97 tons and measurements of 730 x 315 x 440 cms, were moved to a rail terminal in Paldiski, Estonia by road transportation.

For the loading operation and on-carriage to Kazakhstan by rail, detailed loading schemes and transport documents had to be submitted to the Russian Railway for approval in time.

As all documents were compliant to Russian rules & regulations, the loading operation could be executed in time and without delays.

After the valuable and oversized cargo was professionally lashed and secured by a team of experts, it was transported to a rail station in Almaty, Kazakhstan for customs clearance.

The final part of the journey to Aktogay was executed by rail as well.