Transport of an Oil Drilling Platform from Indonesia to Brazil




Asia / Latin America


Indonesia / Brazil


Overall Volume: 5,200 frts

Overall Weight: 820 ts

Heaviest Item: Oil drilling platform (820 ts)

Biggest Item: Oil drilling platform (32 x 17 x 9.40 m)

After an intensive planning phase Conceptum Logistics loaded the heaviest piece ever contracted in Batam, Indonesia.

The shipment consisted of a complete module with dimensions of 32 x 17 x 9.40 meters and a weight of 820 tons. This extraordinary volume and weight, as well as its origin and destination, required highly sophisticated lifting and rigging plans and a state-of-the-art heavy lift vessel – as loading offshore in Sekupang Strait and discharging directly into a dry dock in Rio Grande do Sul had to be executed by vessels own gear.

Conceptum Logistics chartered one of the rare P2 class vessels, equipped with 2 x 700 ton cranes and a combined lifting capacity of 1,400 tons – ensuring a smooth operation at both ends.

The complete operation was personally supervised by several of Conceptum’s project and lifting experts.