Since the company was founded, worldwide mine logistics has been one of the core competencies of the Conceptum Logistics Group.

Transport for the mining industry combines all our expertise- heavy, oversized loads, remote destinations and a transport mix of all modes of transport.

Through countless successfully completed projects and transports of mining equipment to the remotest areas of the world, our specialists have an immense wealth of experience in all areas of mine logistics, as well as a proven, international network of experts. We know the industrial processes and the cargo to be transported.

The Conceptum Logistics Group is today one of the leading providers of logistics services for the mining industry with first-class references and a highly respected customer base.

Conceptum Logistics - Mining - Stacker Reclaimer ex China to Australia

Loading experience

The operation of a mine is highly complex and time sensitive. Even the smallest disruption can have a big impact. During transport, it is therefore all the more important that all cargo reaches its destination undamaged and within the required time frame. Packaging, routing, the mode of transport, lifting, load securing and much more must be taken into account on a case by case basis. Conceptum Logistics offers you exactly this service.

The transport of stackers/reclaimers, conveyor systems, ship loaders and unloaders, control rooms, bucket wheel excavators, machines, oversized steel constructions as well as the regular supply of mine tyres or conveyor belts and accessories are part of our daily work.

Conceptum Logistics - Mining - Mobile sizing rig ex worldwide to Brazil

Conceptum Logistics - Mining - Stone crushers and screens ex UK to the Bolivian Mountains


No matter where, with personal cargo control we take your mining equipment to the farthest places in the world – be it the Colombian jungle, the Australian outback, the Eritrean desert, the Bolivian mountains or the vastness of Mongolia.

With many years of experience and understanding, our international experts ensure trouble-free project execution and the greatest possible reduction of risks and costs.

All external parameters are considered from the outset, from the local infrastructure, port, rail, road, inland waterway capacity, mine accessibility, holiday periods, climatic conditions, to coordination with local authorities, legal and technical restrictions and regulations.

Conceptum Logistics - Mining - Stone crushers and screens ex UK to the Bolivian Mountains


  • Project Logistics and Consulting
  • Sea, Land and Air Transport
  • Full and Part Charter
  • Heavy and Oversized
  • Break-bulk and Containers
  • Site Surveys, Route Planning and Feasibility Studies
  • Traffic Management and Police Escorts
  • Cargo Supervision
  • Securing and Packing Planning
  • Risk Analysis and Management
  • Customs Clearance
  • Beach Landing
Conceptum Logistics - Mining - Lashing and securing