Sea freight

Water transport is the core element of our expertise at Conceptum Logistics and we offer every conceivable mode of transport that can be carried out on water.

Starting with pre-carriage on barges, pontoons, feeder vessels up to overseas transport by general cargo, container, multi-purpose, roro and heavy lift ships, we find the right solution for every cargo.

Many years of shipping experience, knowledge of international port infrastructures and agreements with leading shipping companies guarantee competitive rates, a smooth flow of shipments and the highest possible availability of cargo space and equipment.

With Conceptum’s load supervision following all quality standards, we offer our customers 100% transparency and control throughout the entire transport chain.

It is precisely this combination of highly qualified and trained logistics, shipping and chartering experts that has made Conceptum Logistics an enduring institution in the field of project logistics, especially on the water.

Conceptum Logistics - Cement plant ex worldwide to Australia
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  • Turn-Key Projects
  • Break-bulk
  • Containers
  • Full and Part Charter
  • Transport Engineering
  • Worldwide cargo supervision
  • Temporary Piers
  • Sea, barge & feeder vessels
  • Ro/Ro
  • Port Captains, Super-cargoes
  • Cargo Securing and Planning
  • Sea-worthy Packing
  • Transport Insurance & Risk Management
Conceptum Logistics - Sea freight services

Barge and feeder transport

The pure transport from port to port usually covers the largest part of the transport route, but at the same time the pre-carriage and on-carriage via domestic waterways or short sea routes require just as much attention and experience. Here Conceptum Logistics offers its customers the same variety of tailor-made solutions as for overland transport.

We transport brewery tanks, autoclaves, generators and turbines, mining equipment or whole ship unloaders with 727 tons unit weights via the Amazon, the Elbe, the Rio Paraguay or the Yangtze River with barges, pontoons, tugboats or feeder vessels.

Conceptum Logistics - Barging - Power plant ex Europe to Peru 3
Conceptum Logistics - Barging - Power plant ex Europe to Peru 3
Conceptum Logistics - Barging - Autoclave ex Germany to China 1
Conceptum Logistics - Barging - Cement Plant ex worldwide to Vietnam
Conceptum Logistics - Barging - Oil drilling platform ex Indonesia to Brazil
Conceptum Logistics - Barging - Ship loaders - ex Poland to Germany 2
Conceptum Logistics - Temporary Jetty - Cement plant equipment to Colombia 2

Beach landings

If suitable ports are not available, if overland transport is not possible or only at a high cost, additional interfaces and extra risks, cargo landing using an temporary pier is often the most economical and safest alternative.

The Conceptum Logistics Group has extensive experience from the operation of various projects worldwide. For power plants with 128 tons of heavy lifts, 70 containers and general cargo in the Peruvian jungle to Iquitos, for plant components for a cement plant with heavy lifts of 105 tons to Canada or the heaviest cargo ever transported by river to Puerto Triunfo in Colombia.

Our experienced specialists conduct personal inspections of the job sites, organize technical plans, prepare the required infrastructure and ensure the right equipment at the right place at the right time.

Conceptum Logistics - Temporary Jetty - Cement plant equipment to Colombia 1
Conceptum Logistics - Temporary Jetty - Cement plant ex worldwide to Canada 1
Conceptum Logistics - Temporary Jetty - Generator set ex Finland to Colombia 1
Conceptum Logistics - Temporary Jetty - Power Plant ex Europe to Peru 1