Warehousing has become an integral part of customized global project logistics. This demand is generated in the country of origin as well as in the receiving country of the cargo.

Temporary storage in a warehouse often makes sense in order to ensure deadline-sensitive order processing including specified loading and delivery dates as well as to be able to absorb project delays and resulting storage capacity bottlenecks.

In the area of warehouse logistics, the Conceptum Logistics Group also works with reliable and experienced warehouse experts who have various locations in different countries as well as at important transport hubs, e.g. at seaports. In close consultation with the customers, our experts determine requirements and needs for the individually suitable storage facility.



  • Outdoor/indoor storage (also temperature-controlled)
  • 24/7 monitoring by cameras and security personnel as well as regular goods inspection by warehouse staff
  • Storage of hazardous goods in accordance with legal requirements
  • Areas for single use from 500 – 30,000 sqm
  • Merging/consolidation of goods volume from different suppliers
  • Inspection of packages by external/internal surveyors
  • Technical rework and repairs by customer project team
  • Packaging work / container stowage / labelling
  • Interface documentation
  • Customs clearance for import and export incl. issuing of customs documents
Conceptum Logistics - Elektroden in die USA

warehousing in the country of origin

Already in the country of origin, goods with delayed completion or from different manufacturers are brought together in one warehouse. Interim storage ideally takes place near a seaport. There, the individual volumes are consolidated and shipped together – either in one lot or in partial shipments, depending on the assembly sequence.

In this context, consolidation means not only the best possible interface control but also a not inconsiderable cost saving, for example by combining different packages in a container or as general cargo by conventional charter party.


Warehousing in the recipient country

In the receiving country, interim warehousing is often organized on the route between the port of discharge and the construction site. The freight is stored there in a secured area and required parts are called off by the assembly team at short notice as needed.

After the arrival of the sea vessel at the port of discharge, the cargo can be transported directly to the warehouse in order to avoid high storage and demurrage/retention costs. The usually longer-term procedure of import customs clearance with possible direct customs inspection can also often be carried out in the interim storage facility.

Close coordination between the assembly team on the construction site and the warehouse team is ensured so that the delivery and the sequence of goods delivery can be carried out according to the customer’s wishes.

An official cargo survey or package/material inspection can be carried out at any time after registration on the neutral floor of the storage area.