Overland transport – we prepare the way for your cargo

The Conceptum Logistics Group offers its customers the entire spectrum of overland transport by truck or rail, whether as a pre- and on-carriage service or door to door service.

In accordance with the time, safety and cost requirements of our customers, Conceptum’s experts find the suitable transport routings, organise the right equipment and put together the suitable transport mix.

With a worldwide network of its own branches and selected partnerships, the Conceptum Logistics Group ensures a seamless and cross-modal transport with internationally uniform high-quality standards to the remotest areas of the world. Critical interfaces such as loading, unloading or transhipment are personally monitored, whether in the port of Hamburg or in the Peruvian jungle.

Conceptum Logistics - Oil and Gas Equipment aus Houston nach Kanada
Conceptum Logistics - Zementanlage von weltweit nach Australien


Whether oversized or heavy cargo, a single truck or convoy, we pave the way for your cargo through urban traffic, the of narrowest roads and curves to the most remote regions of the world, such as the mountains of El Mutún or to the deserts of Eritrea.

With many years of experience in the field of traffic management, we carry out well-researched route inspections. Our specialists not only have an eye out for cable masts, bridges, level crossings, narrowing of roads, roundabouts, etc., but also for unexpected disruptions such as weather conditions, holidays and road construction works.

We obtain all necessary permits and coordinate the flow of information between customers, service providers, local authorities and trade unions.

Conceptum Logistics - Zementanlage von weltweit nach Australien
Conceptum Logistics - Tanks im LKW Konvoy aus Suedafrika nach Eritrea
Conceptum Logistics - Generatoren aus Spanien nach Costa Rica
Conceptum Logistics - Petrochemisches Equipment von weltweit nach Taiwan
Conceptum Logistics - Oil and Gas Equipment aus Houston nach Kanada


  • LTL / FTL
  • Heavy & Oversized
  • Road Permits
  • Route Surveys and Planning
  • Traffic Management & Police Escorts
  • Infrastructure Damage Prevention Plans
  • Experienced and Documented Drivers
  • Cargo Supervision
  • Cargo Securing and Inspection
  • Crane and Rigging Services
Conceptum Logistics - Persönliche Ladungsbegleitung
Conceptum Logistics - Transformatoren von Korea nach USA

Rail traffic

Faster than seagoing vessels and cheaper than air freight, environmentally friendly transport by rail, especially to and from Eurasia, is becoming increasingly important.

In addition to single wagon and block train transports, Conceptum Logistics offers the transport of break bulk cargo with oversized and heavy goods.

We advise our customers on the preparation of loading plans, load securing and take care to ensure the timely procurement of the necessary transport permits from local authorities and railway companies.

Conceptum Logistics - Transformatoren von Korea nach USA