Founded two decades ago as a sole proprietorship near the port of Hamburg, today the corporate headquarters manages subsidiaries all over the world.


Logistics Experts found Conceptum Logistics

2002Logistics expert Christian Rode starts his company in a small office near the port. Together with Norbert Goerlitz and Lars-Folke Schüle, who have since left the company, he founds Conceptum Logistics GmbH in Hamburg in April 2002. Their first order: a shipment of Brazil nuts from Brazil to Hamburg.

The business is growing in South America

2003For many years, up to 500 tons of Brazil nuts are transported annually from Brazil to Germany. Furthermore, thanks to our strong network of agents and partners, we can implement projects for various industries in South America despite the currency crisis. For example, we work for the paper and cellulose industry, ship tyres with a diameter of 4 m for the mining industry and work for the steel industry in Brazil.
2005Wheel loaders and shovels are transported from Japan and generators from Germany to Brazil. And finally, we transport an entire factory plant – a cement plant – across oceans, from various locations in Europe to Africa.

In Frankfurt, Conceptum Logistics GmbH Aero is founded in the same year, specialising in the air freight business. The company is liquidated in 2020.


Presence on all continents

Central and South America, especially the Amazon region, remains a focus of business activity. Therefore the first foreign subsidiary, Conceptum Logistics (Colombia) SAS, is opened in Colombia. Today, the subsidiary is one of the top logistics service providers for projects in South America.
2009Three subsidiaries are established in 2009. Conceptum Logistics (USA), LLC is founded in Houston. A long-time employee from Hamburg takes over the management and still leads the company to this day. The first location in Asia, Conceptum Logistics (India) PVT LTD. is founded in Bangalore. And with the opening of Conceptum Logistics (Australia) PTY LTD, we are present on yet another continent. In 2020, Conceptum Logistics (Australia) is sold, today we work together as close partners.
2010Due to the growing demand in North America, Conceptum Logistics Canada, Inc. is opened in Toronto. And with the founding of Conceptum Logistics Africa (PTY) LTD in South Africa, we are now present on all continents.
Projekt Historie

From the port to hamburg’s city centre and the growth market of china

2011The company also grows in Germany. To make room for the future, the company moves to larger offices in Hamburg’s city centre in 2011. In the growth market of China, Conceptum Logistics (China) Co, LTD is established in the heart of the historic North Bund Area, the origin of Shanghai’s shipping and logistics industry.
We now work with various customers not only on a project level; we have signed master framework agreements with multinational industry partners.
2012Conceptum Logistics introduces a quality management system with certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001. Today we have an integrated management system in the company with further certifications DIN EN ISO 45001 and DIN EN ISO 14001 for occupational health and safety and the environment.
Projekt Historie

150,000 frts. are transported

2013Conceptum Logistics (USA), LLC manages one of the Conceptum Group’s most extensive projects to date: a complete factory plant – a grinding plant – with 150,000 frts. is transported from Spain to Australia.
2014With the founding of Conceptum Logistics (Peru) S.R.L, Conceptum Logistics further expands its position in South America.
2015Conceptum Logistics (Finland) OY Ltd is founded in Northern Europe with a strong focus on projects from the infrastructure sector.
2019Project Conceptum Logistics Iberia SL strengthens the Conceptum Group in Southern Europe, especially with projects to America and the Middle East.

Well positioned for the future

2021To demands of the international market, the company has been transferred into a holding company. In addition to the founder Christian Rode, the Group Executive Board of the Conceptum Logistics Group includes Rachel Kellett, who has Asian experience, Marc Hapanionek for the American market and the financial experts Silke Pettkus and Prof. Dr. Mark-Ken Erdmann.

With the founding of Conceptum Logistics Germany, the operational business in Germany is presented in an own company.

Our subsidiary in Spain is reorganized to strengthen business in Southern Europe and to expand to South America. Conceptum Logistics Spain SL operates from Madrid.


Conceptum Logistics remains on course for expansion

2022The headquarters is now once again located near the port of Hamburg, as it was at the time of its founding. The Conceptum Logistics Group is now represented in Germany in three regions. In addition to the headquarters in Hamburg we opened branch offices in Bremen and Düsseldorf.

We have implemented a new Container Projects department which is responsible for organizing all container-related services for our customers to meet the market developments and customer requirements.

With Conceptum Logistics Istanbul Nakliyat A.Ş. as a new member of the Conceptum Logistics network we are buiding up our own infrastructure in Türkiye.

2023In Central Asia, we are now present in Uzbekistan, which lies on the former Silk Road between China and Europe, with Conceptum Logistics Evrosiyo LLC (Uzbekistan).

With the establishment of a global chartering desk, we use all the synergies of our worldwide chartering experts and offer our clients individual charter solutions at the highest level.

In Brazil we are represented with RCL Rode Concept Logistica LTDA.

In Scandinavia, we established a second subsidiary, Conceptum Logistics Sweden AB.

2024With the founding of Conceptum Logistics Uruguay, the Conceptum Logistics Group has been represented in addition to Brazil, Colombia and Peru. at four locations on the South American continent.