Cement Industry

The Conceptum Logistics Group is one of the world’s leading specialists when it comes to transporting entire cement plants and plant components. The loading of complete cement plants with 135,000 freight tonnes and cargo heights of up to over 18 metres on only five 12,800 DWT MPP ships from Spain to Australia is one example of our experience, as is the transport of the heaviest cement plant components ever transported by barge on the Rio Magdalena to Puerto Triunfo, Colombia delivered via temporary piers or the on-carriage of a complete cement plant to the Australian outback in cooperation with local road traffic authorities and police escorts. From raw material preparation and crushing, dosing, mixing and grinding plants to firing plants and material handling – the Conceptum Logistics Group has a deep understanding of the cargo properties and industrial processes in the cement industry through years of partnership and cooperation with the most respected manufacturers of cement plants, cement works and EPCs. In this way, we are able to provide our customers with tailor-made logistics concepts that guarantee safe, fast and cost-effective transport across all interfaces.

Conceptum Logistics - Cement plant loading in Spain
Conceptum Logistics - Un-loading of Cement Plant Equipment in Colombia


  • Feasibility Studies
  • Route Surveys
  • Method Statements
  • Full and Part Charter
  • Heavy and Oversized
  • Rigging & Installation
  • Securing and Packing Planning
  • Traffic Management and Police Escorts
  • Cargo Supervision
  • Beach Landing
  • Risk Analysis and Management
Conceptum Logistics - Un-loading of Cement Plant Equipment in Colombia

Conceptum Logistics - Cement plant ex worldwide to Australia Nr 3
Conceptum Logistics - Cement Plant un-loading in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
Conceptum Logistics - Moving a 25000 cbm Cement Plant to Antioquia
Conceptum Logistics - Cement Plant to the USA