The transport of entire power plants and individual plant components for plant construction, expansion or modernisation is one of the core competencies of the Conceptum Logistics Group. Whether complete power plants, motors, generators, transformers, reactors, heat exchangers, steam generators, turbines and everything else required for energy generation or processing – thanks to many years of experience the employees of the Conceptum Logistics Group are very familiar with the logistics and technical requirements. After professional feasibility studies, site visits, transport engineering, route planning, adaptation of roads to transport requirements, soil compaction and the construction of temporary piers, complete power plants into the Peruvian jungle or generators weighing 207 tons are delivered into Colombia. In case of urgency, we can fly 160 tons of generators to Brazil or electrodes with a total weight of 108 tons from Russia to the United States. For transformers, our experts draw up lifting and rigging plans to ensure safe handling across the entire routing up to the preparation of and setting up on the foundations. Oversized parts and heavy-lift cargo such as reactors or HRSGs are safely transported to their destination with suitable sea freight charter solutions, intercity concepts as well as all necessary permits and escorts.

Conceptum Logistics - Reactors ex Germany to China
Conceptum Logistics - Power Plant ex Europe to Peru


  • Project Logistics and Consulting
  • Sea, Land and Air Transport
  • Full and Part Charter
  • Heavy and Oversized
  • Break-bulk and Containers
  • Site Surveys, Route Planning and Feasibility Studies
  • Traffic Management and Police Escorts
  • Cargo Supervision
  • Securing and Packing Planning
  • Risk Analysis and Management
  • Customs Clearance
  • Beach Landing
Conceptum Logistics - Power Plant ex Europe to Peru

Conceptum Logistics - HRSGs ex Thailand and Korea to India
Conceptum Logistics - Heat exchanger equipment for a power station in the USA
Conceptum Logistics - Spherical valves from Italy to Chile
Conceptum Logistics - Equipment for Windfarm ex Germany to the UK