Technical Engineering

With its own transport engineers and selected international specialists, the Conceptum Logistics Group offers tailor-made engineering solutions and method statements. For technical cargo analysis, we draw on decades of industry-wide experience from countless projects and shipments of oversized and heavy-lift cargo to the remotest regions of the world. With our worldwide network, we develop the most efficient and cost-effective transport route. We prepare route surveys, carry out bridge calculations, identify obstacles and the ways to bypass, and draw up plans for the construction and conversion of existing or missing infrastructure, such as temporary piers or soil compaction.
Based on the cargo characteristics and the nature of the transport route, we put together the appropriate means of transport. We examine the individual modes of transport and loading equipment for technical load-bearing capacity and mobility, carry out lifting, rigging & installation calculations and draw up stowage and load securing plans.

Conceptum Logistics - Technical Engineering
Conceptum Logistics - Technical Engineering


  • Feasibility Studies
  • Method Statements
  • Site Surveys
  • Route Planning
  • Lifting Calculations and Planning
  • Rigging & Installation Studies
  • Stowage and Securing Plans
  • Transport Planning
  • Risk Management and Planning
  • Static Calculations
Conceptum Logistics - Technical Engineering