Beach landing in the Peruvian Jungle

Industry Power
Region Americas, Europe
Country Europe / Peru
Size / Weight
Overall Volume: 7,582.16 frts incl. 70 ctrs
Overall Weight: 2,559.696 kgs
Heaviest Item: 128 ts
Biggest Item: 965 x 310 x 520 cm
Conceptum Logistics - Power Plant ex Europe to Peru

Tons of rain, mud, weak soil and heavy lifts of 128 tons – a beach landing operation in the Peruvian Jungle

A power plant including auxiliary equipment, parts and accessories from Rotterdam to the jungle of Iquitos in Peru – 7,582 frts incl. break-bulk, 70 x 40’ SOCs as well as 7 heavy lifts of 128 tons. Due to river draft the site in the jungle of Iquitos could only be reached via the Amazon River within a time span of three to four months a year – a tight time frame and challenging operation.

There was no suitable port for discharge in Iquitos; so the fully chartered seagoing vessel had to anchor in the middle of the Amazon River, with barges operating alongside.

As we had the second highest historic Amazon River level during the operation, the original ramp was completely flooded and not usable. A temporary ramp had to be prepared and adjusted for each of the 9 barges to carry 7 engines of 128 tons each, 70 shippers owned containers, alternators plus general cargo. As if that was not enough, heavy tropical rains regularly interrupted operations and made it difficult if not impossible to circulate with cargo and especially heavy lifts on the jobsite due to theloose ground.

All these obstacles could cause damage to the cargo or significant delaz the delivery schedule – however our German and Peruvian colleagues, who personally supervised all loading and un-loading operations and the project at site, ensured a safe and sound delivery.