Ducts and tanks from Egypt to Iraq

Industry Power
Region Asia & Africa
Country Ägypten, Irak
Size / Weight
Overall Volume: 4.800 cbm

Conceptum Logistics Germany, in cooperation with our local partner, moved 65 packages of ducts and tanks with a total volume of 4,800 cbm from Egypt to Iraq.

For a direct loading operation into the vessel’s hold, the cargo was delivered to the port of Adabyia, Egypt with trailers and low bed trucks.

Upon arrival the condition of all 65 packages was inspected and checked.

According to strict loading instructions and in accordance with all safety regulations, the packages were loaded into the vessel’s hold by ships gear, two sets of 40 mts cranes and two sets of 25 mts derricks.

After completion of the loading process, everything was lashed and secured.

Wooden dunnage was securely placed, canvas lashing straps tightened and lashing points were welded as final security before the tween decks were closed.

The complete loading operation was supervised by stevedores and surveyors.

Everything was carried out in satisfactory manner and condition, so the vessel headed off to Umm Qasr in Iraq, where all cargo arrived to the customers satisfaction.