Ship-unloaders on their way to Hamburg

Industry Infrastructure
Region Europe
Country Poland, Germany
Size / Weight
Heaviest Item: 810 tons
Biggest Item: 40 x 23 x 31 meter
Conceptum Logistics - Two Ship Un-loaders ex Poland to Germany

After personal site visits, detailed feasibility-, rigging- and loading studies Conceptum Logistics Germany moved two ship-unloaders from Poland to Hamburg, Germany. With measurements of each 40 x 23 x 31 meters and weights of 810 tons, this shipment required the sophisticated performance of all parties involved. To move the cargo onto the chartered barge, a special rail construction was created and installed. Conceptum Logistics had three highly experienced project managers at site to supervise the loading operation. The ship-unloaders were shipped in an upright position with two tugs across the Baltic Sea. Due to the tide in Hamburg, with permanent changing water levels, there was a time frame of only two hours for the unloading operation. However, based on professional teamwork everything went according to plan and the cargo was delivered as planned.