Conceptum Logistics presents a 67,070.00 frts double feature




West Africa



Size/ Weight:

Overall Volume: 67,070.00 frts

Overall Weight: 925 TONS

Heaviest Item: Ship loader (550 ts)

Biggest Item: Ship loader (26 x 55 x 32 m)

Starring two ship loaders and tripper cars with sizes up to 26 x 55 x 32 m being shipped from China to Guinea and Guinea to Belgium.

Under Conceptum China’s and Germany’s personal supervision the first of the two ship loaders was loaded in Nantong, China. Due to the overhang of its boom, it couldn’t be pre-positioned on the quay before vessels arrival. After being moved to the quay on two 16 axle SPMT’s, the 550 ton piece was lifted on board with the vessel’s own lifting gear and two 24 mtrs lifting beams, which were placed under the ship loader.

The ship loader was set directly onto pre-installed rails on the tween deck and due to its size, parts of the weather deck had to be removed. After extensive lashing and securing, the vessel set sail for its 11,007 nautical miles journey to Guinea.

For utmost cargo protection, the vessel was equipped with a weather routing system, giving daily weather, wave and current information, plus an approx. one week forecast to avoid bad weather. When a storm came up east of Madagascar, it could be avoided by taking the western route around Madagascar.

So, the vessel and cargo arrived safely at the port of Kamsar, where our Conceptum team was already waiting. For a safe lifting operation against sea, wind, swell and sudden vessel movements, anchor points were set on the quay in the centre line between the bogies.

When the ship loader was above the rails, chain blocks, connected to the ship loader with long lifting belts, were connected to these anchor points – as a protection against vessel movements. With all this care, attention and preparation, the un-loading and installation of the new ship loader and tripper car ran smoothly. The first part of this great project was successfully executed.

The old ship loader was next in line and had to be loaded on board. Even though the ship loader had been weighed prior to lifting, due to its age of over 40 years, special rigging cylinders needed to be used. These cylinders are able to flexibly adjust the length of the lifting gear by shortening or extending to the required length.

With this specific loading method, the ship loader was placed safely on to the rails, which were installed on pillars on the tween deck. Lashed and secured it was shipped to Ghent in Belgium, approx. 2,946 nautical miles away.

Again, the Conceptum team was already at site in Ghent, waiting for vessel and cargo to arrive, supervising and taking care of the final un-loading operation of this amazing project. Thanks to the excellent teamwork of all participating parties, all went smoothly and trouble free.